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June 2009

Classical Music Magazine

"It has not been a great fortnight for smiles, but then along came this brass quintet joined by Huw Davies in John Hutchinson's free-ranging arrangement of the tangos of Astor Piazzolla. The six players seize the opportunity to flaunt formidable virtuosity - a joy to hear and foot-tap to."

Brass Band World

"From the outset, this recording oozes quality. From the astute and masterful arrangements of Manchester-based composer and arranger John Hutchinson, through to the entire ensemble's superb intonation, this CD sparkles.

Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla is credited with the marrying of the Tango to a wide range of Western musical elements, including extended harmonies and dissonance. Tackling his music is always challenging - it takes a technically virtuosic performer to deliver the style with the correct balance of reflective emotion and relentless, strident confidence. Alberti Brass has cracked it though: through tidy rhymic passages and wonderfully-balanced dissonant harmonies, it doesn't miss a beat."