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Piazzolla single-handedly reinvented the tango style. His music fuses together the sounds playing in Argentinian salons in the 20s and 30s with Bartokian harmonies. The result was revolutionary - an individual musical language that engages both the heart and the mind.

Many types of ensemble have tackled the music of Piazzolla, such is its appeal to instrumentalists. Here, in masterful arrangements by John Hutchinson, Piazzolla's strident harmonies and heart-felt melodies are brought vividly to life in the sound of brass.

Alberti Brass, widely known for its virtuosic performance style, has endowed these enduring works with a new voice. They are joined on this disc by guitar in unique interpretations of the music of Piazzolla.


1. Libertango
2. Introduccion del Ángel
3. Tango del Ángel
4. Milonga del Ángel
5. La Muerte del Ángel
6. Resurrección del Ángel
7. Loving (5 Tango Sensations)
8. Fear (5 Tango Sensations)
9. Adios Nonino
10. Oblivion